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Physician Practice Benchmark Survey. The AMA's Division of Economic and Health Policy Research conducts independent research to support AMA federal, state, and private sector advocacy agendas.

One of the division’s most significant efforts is the Physician Practice Benchmark Survey, which focuses on the practice arrangements and payment methodologies of physicians who take care of patients for at least 20 hours per week and don't work for the federal government. The benchmark survey was last conducted in 2016. Visit this page to download a copy of the latest Policy Research Perspective and other material.

The AMA Health Workforce Mapper is a customizable, interactive tool that illustrates the geographic distribution of the health care workforce. Users can filter physicians and non-physician health care professionals by specialty and employment setting.

Access to this tool is free, although AMA members can view a comprehensive version of the tool that includes the capacity to export a customizable Excel file that ranks health workforce and demographic data by county. Visit this page to learn more and to access the mapper.

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